Monday, January 2, 2017

Suman kamoteng kahoy with filling(suman cassava)


3 cups Grated cassava/kamoteng kahoy
3 cups Brown sugar divided
2 cups Grated coconut(frozen/fresh)
1 cup water
banana leaves
 you also gonna need a pot to cook the coconut filling and a steamer to steam the suman.

1.Pour the 1 cup water to the pot bring it to the stove.Turn the stove at medium high heat then, add 2 cups of the sugar cook it until the syrup reach the soft ball when you put the candy thermometer.(If you don't have one.When a small amount of of sugar syrup is dropped into very cold water and forms a ball that does not hold its shape when pressed with your fingers)

2. Add the coconut and stir until all the liquid has absorb

3.squeeze all the cassava juice out

4.add  the 1 cup of sugar and mix until all combine.

5.Take 1/4 cup of the suman mixture and spread it on the banana leaves.Then,add 1 tbsp.of the coconut filling and roll it tightly securing both ends.

6.Arrange the suman in the steamer.and cook it for 45 minutes.let it cool for 10 minutes and enjoy

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