Thursday, September 27, 2018

Kalihim Bread Recipe

For The dough

( I use my Classic ensaymada recipe)

4  cups Bread Flour
1 tsp Dough conditioner (optional)
1/2 tsp Salt
1 tbsp Instant Yeast
1-1/3 cup Warm Milk (I used whole milk)
4 Egg Yolks
1/3 cup Sugar
4 tbsp Unsalted Butter Softened

 For The Filling

1-1/4 cup Bread crumbs
1-1/4 cup All purpose flour
1 cup Granulated sugar
4 Tbsp Melted Unsalted butter
1/4 Vegetable oil
1 cup Water
1 Tbsp Vanilla extract 
2 tsp Red food color


1) Take 1 tbsp of sugar and sprinkle it to the warm milk then sprinkle  in the yeast and whisk then set it aside until its foam up.

2) Once the yeast mixture is foam up and in 1/2 cup of flour and set it aside for 30 minutes.

3) Combine all drys ingredients such as, flour the remaining sugar and the salt.

4) In the bread machine bucket mixing bowl(if using) add in the milk and flour mixture, the flour, softened butter, and the egg yolks.

5) And let the machine knead the dough until smooth and elastic. if using hand knead it until smooth and elastic about 7-8 minutes.

6) Transfer the dough into a grease bowl cover it and put in a warm place. And let it rise for 1-2 hrs or until it doubled in size.( I put may dough back into my bread machine since the machine it already warm I just add 1 tbsp vegetable oil to the bucket to prevent the dough from drying).

7) Once the dough has doubled in size divide it into 3 and work 1 dough  at a time. Take the 1st divided dough and flatten it using a rolling pin almost like rectangular shape. and at least not thinner than 1/4 inch thickness. Add the filling then sealed the edges. you should have a log shape. 

8) Take a dough cutter and cut the long into 2 inches thickness. Arrange it into the baking pan lined with parchment paper. and let it rise for another 45-1hr.

9) While the Bread is rising for the second time prepare the egg wash take 2 egg yolks and add 1 tbsp of water and mix it with fork.

10) Before baking poke the bread with fork then brush it with the egg wash.

11 Bake it fo 15-18 minutes or until the top get slightly golden brown.


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