Saturday, November 17, 2018

Suman Malagkit With Latik Filling/Coconut curd

2 Cans 400 ml Coconut milk
2 Cups Malagkit/glutinous rice
3 Tbsp Granulated sugar
3/4 Tsp Fine salt
13 pcs of Banana leaves approximately 5 inches wide


1) cook the filling take 1 can of the coconut cream add it into the cooking pot cook it over medium high heat stirring occasionally until it start getting golden brown (see the picture below) adjust it to medium low heat until its golden brown. Turn off the heat and sit it aside.

2)In a pot add in the 1 can of coconut cream, sugar and the salt stir until sugar and salt is dissolve. 

 3) Wash the rice then add it into the coconut salt and sugar mixture, cook it over medium high heat stirring occasionally until there is no more liquid let it sit for a few minutes until its cold enough to handle.(I used the same pot when I cooked the filling no rinsing/washing needed) 

 4) while waiting for the suman mixture to cool down prepare the banana leaves by rinsing and dry it with paper towel.

 5) Take 1/4 cup of human mixture and add it into the prepared banana leaves. flatten it into 2 inches wide and 5 inches long add 1 tsp of the filling in the middle.
6) Close and roll it then fold both ends. steam it for 45 minutes or until the suman is cooked.

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